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Nothing is spoons; everything is congested.

I may have mentioned the recent bout of sickness, courtesy of thrice-damned acolytes of Nergal.

This is, in fact, a recent photograph… if I were a man and favored meds in mysterious brown bottles.


(I do, actually, like mysterious brown bottles. And little packets of powders. I never got past REAL MEDICINE being all about powders and tinctures and tea that one gets from Mr. Ages, never mind that one is not a rodent and in no way affiliated with NIMH.)

It’s tough to write when your brain is all fuzzy, so I’ve been gaming instead. Assassin’s Creed II, specifically. I tweet about it on the regular, so look me up if that amuses you.

And until I have the spoons to word more… enjoy the whole tweeted shebang of my run through Assassin’s Creed.

P.S. I did not make this epic AC pic using stock photos, and wish I could credit who did! You’re the best, whoever you are.

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