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Come buy! Come buy! An SRN: The Signal auction in honor of Terri Windling.

Y’all have probably heard about The Color of Angels: A Fundraiser to Benefit Terri Windling by now, right?

You haven’t? Let me ‘splain. …no, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Terri Windling is pretty much the Faerie Godmother of the Mythic Arts in contemporary fantasy. She helped create Bordertown, co-edited The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, cultivated the careers of the likes of Charles de Lint, Ellen Kushner, Emma Bull, and so many others. She founded the Endicott Studio, is an artist of enchanting talent, and has inspired the likes of Kat Howard, S.J. Tucker, Holly Black, and countless more. Oh, and she helped save my life.

She’s also in a world of need right now, thanks to some serious health and financial issues. You can read more on that at The Color of Angels’ About Us sticky post (it’s at the top of the page).

As such, Terri Windling’s community of friends, colleagues, and fans have stepped up. Over at The Color of Angels, you will find a truly humbling smorgasbord of offerings – Froud originals! Vess originals! Naming rights to characters in books by Catherynne M. Valente and Holly Black! Original custom poetry by Jane Yolen! Masks! Baked goods! Tarot readings! Ballroom dancing!

It’s a Goblin Market as only the Internet can provide.

(And it’s still growing! There’s more to come as offers flood in, including items from George R. R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer… the Awesome just doesn’t stop!)

Of course, SRN: The Signal has heeded the call and we are offering an auction to appear on a future broadcast in your very own custom commercial!

You can either write something wholly fun and original (or gleefully referential), or script a commercial in support of your own novel, website, music, or whatever you’d like to promote. We’ll work with you to develop the commercial, and either record it with our talent or work with your recording should you have an adequate mic.

Below, we have uploaded two examples of the amusing commercials for nonexistent goods we run on our program:

SRN: The Signal - Selkie Sea Salt Commercial! SRN: The Signal - Tomb Stone Commercial!

If you’d like to bid, please see our auction here!

In general, though, get yourself over to the Goblin Market stat and don’t try to resist all the varied shouts of “Come buy! Come buy!” We promise you won’t get a wasting fever from this selection of faerie fruit. Even better (or if you’ve simply no funds to spare), step up and volunteer your own wares.

We do what we must, because we can.

…and let’s all pretend I didn’t just quote GLaDOS in the close to this post, okay?

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