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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, y’all! We’re celebrating here at Casa Quixote with some laid-back indulgence: I picked up a new-to-me Harry Dresden novel today (Proven Guilty), popped The Nightmare Before Christmas into the DVD player, and am planning on watching the latest The Walking Dead and American Horror Story after it gets dark. I’m surrounded by jack-o-lanterns (mostly ceramic), devising a menu of Mexican cuisine as a Halloween treat for dinner, and having a ridiculous good time growing candy corn on my Halloween tricked-out Farmville farm.

If I were going out tonight, I’d be dressed as a young Esme Weatherwax; as it is, I’m content to portray someone who thinks pajamas are appropriate day-long lounge-wear. Which I am. And do.

Yesterday, though, Team SRN assembled in our secret lair somewhere in the environs of Atlanta to record a geeky, spooky, ghastly broadcast of SRN: The Signal! I think we succeeded in creating something enjoyable for all – even if it does seem like something… strange… was messing with our broadcast. Creepy. But never mind – tune in for chat about hauntings, from haunted houses to Ladies in White and vanishing hitchhikers.

SRN: The Signal Halloween broadcast is now live!Discover the Tomb Stone system for learning tongues, get the latest on the Annual Pumpkin-Carving Contest out of Haddonfield, IL, and find out where you can buy Specter Halt Seasalt. It’s a spooktacular time (don’t worry, I get called on that joke) and we hope you enjoy it!

As usual, I encourage you to follow our Tumblr. But you can also find the broadcast on iTunes or listen directly via the embedded player below:

SRN: The Signal - Halloween Broadcast!
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