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Happy Holidays!

Have you ever heard the phrase “as the crow flies”? Well ravens are big damn crows, and that’s how this holiday missive was delivered. All the way from Westeros. So no jawin’ about it being the end of January.


On a serious note, I have found it difficult to post this year’s winter holiday card. Kaylee was diagnosed with cancer in September, but we were assured it was a basal-cell carcinoma and a relatively easy fix. It was not, and it hasn’t been fixed. She is still with us at this time, although she is on palliative care. I’m really not prepared to talk about this further right now, apart from this fervent and succinct conclusion: Fuck cancer.

Kaylee is our indomitable Queen, however long her reign may last. We join her in wishing you all catnip mice of a pleasurable hue, or quick claws and a silent death. Depending on whether you head up her Naughty or Nice list, of course.

As always, Lorraine Schleter illustrated our holiday card. I truly believe she outdid herself this year, and you should find more of her work to admire and also hire her for all your illustrative needs. She is a marvelous person to work with.


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