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I am a writer for hire.

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I’m well-equipped to research and write on a diverse array of topics, as my publication credits attest. Subjects I have covered with accessibility and aplomb include: geek culture, science fiction and fantasy, cats, fine architecture and interior design, beauty and fashion, and fairy tales.

I’m also a writer of fiction, and more than happy to consider your anthology project, fiction magazine, or poetry magazine if you’d like to send me an invitation to submit.

If you need a website consultant, social media consultant, or need a writer of website copy or social media updates – I can do that for you as well! Examples of my contributions in this area are available upon request.

Contact me to discuss your needs or project! My rates are flexible, and my inbox always open.


“She has been an absolute lifesaver in my social media life, and is the driving force behind SO many improvements at EMG. … [A]nd more than any of that, she has been an inspiration to me, reminding me of all the beautiful things EMG has enabled over the many years and keeping me on task when things need to be done. She has taken so much off my lap that I feel I’ve been able to do more creatively and administratively. It’s hard to overstate how important that’s been.”
Ellen Million, Proprietor
Ellen Million Graphics