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About GeekDame & CQ

You are on an About Me page of the GeekDame website with no About Me text. There is a small mailbox here.

> open mailbox

Opening the mailbox reveals:
A leaflet.

> read leaflet

Taken. The leaflet is written on magical HTML paper, giving you the power to travel to an actual informative page. There are two choices: The GeekDame and Meet Casa Quixote. Which destination will you choose?

the geekdame

The paper hems softly. Really? Are you sure? I’ve heard she believes up to six impossible things before breakfast and believes that tea is a suitable meal substitute.

> no

The paper hems softly. So it’s Meet Casa Quixote, then?

meet casa quixote

Because I’ve heard that group is all battlefield memoirs and fluffy cats. Which, er, doesn’t sound so bad actually.

> yes!

After displaying your desired destination, the leaflet huffs that it’s done all it can, folds itself back up, and wafts its way back to the mailbox.

> close mailbox