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The Geek Dame

Deborah spends most of her time bunkered just south of the Alabama River, surrounded by heavy artillery and furiously scribbling The Last Testament and Survival Guide of Casa Quix— oh, wait, no, that’s my Post-Apocalyptic Scenario #23’s author bio. Strike that! Reverse it. Thank you. Forwards!

Deborah lives and works in Alabama, where she does actually spend most of her time scribbling furiously: she’s a blogger, a reviewer, an SFF writer, and an inveterate list-maker. Her blog posts and articles can be found at Front Page MeewsCabinet des Fées, Stone TellingFaerie Magazine, and more. Her stories and poetry can be found in Scheherezade’s Bequest, The Pedestal Magazine, and in Human Tales edited by Jennifer Brozek. There are also freebies on her authorial site, if you’re extra keen. (You better be extra keen.)

Deborah has an excessive fondness for hats, which means she also experiments with interstitial art, dabbles in photography, tinkers with jewelry-making, and hunts wild snarks (but only for bounty). She reads widely and incessantly, and watches more television than is considered strictly healthy. (No, seriously: here’s the incomplete August 2016 Live Viewing Schedule.) She’s currently a lapsed academic who had to put her studies on hold due to the twin tyrannies of chronic illness and gainful employment.

With Lisa Stock, she hosts SRN: The Signal, being an irregular podcast of mythic proportions, geeky gusto, and fantastic frivolity.  She posts video reviews on YouTube (sometimes, maybe), Instagrams regularly, and Twitters as @geekdame.

If you’re interested in what’s on her bookshelves, you can follow her at Goodreads. (Pro-tip: her house is essentially walled in books.)

Illustrations of the Geek Dame are done by Lorraine Schleter. She’s amazing.

If you’d like to write her an e-mail, do so by clicking here.