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Meet Casa Quixote

If you’re following my site or videos, you need to know the rest of Casa Quixote. They’re going to pop up; in fact, you’ve probably already seen them. It’s what happens when your husband is one of your best friends and your cats are a couple of dauntless knaves.

acentipede1Here we have the Andy. He’s my domestic partner, personal historian, and a not-for-the-fainthearted talent. Obsessed with both SF and history since he was wee, he reenacted famous battles (both fictional and historical) with his action figures and insisted family vacations center on battlefields. As an adult, he plays an impressive number of games – from Warhammer 40K to Fallout to Angry Birds (when I shove it into his hands, anyway). He dedicates time as living history, and is passionate about education. His geek wishlist includes a proper cinematic treatment of Dune, the long-awaited Star Wars TV show, and a proper remake of Binary Systems’ Starflight. You can see him in various videos native to GeekDame.com and can also hear him performing on SRN: the Signal, and as my co-host on Full Metal Geekery.

tigerjack1Tiger Jack, the Explorer! is 30 tons of mischief in a 15-pound, fluffy-pantalooned, orange tabby bag. Rescued from the Montgomery Humane Shelter in August 2007, he apparently spent part of his early life living in the parking lot of a trucker motel, where – evidence suggests – he hunted birds with hungry verve. Even now, feathery toys tremble at his trilling warcry and thunderous approach. The birds on the other side of the patio glass just ignore him. He abhors a closed door (especially bathroom doors), has a predilection for men (but loves everyone), and likes going on walks where he can tump on concrete. He’s also essentially a dog, has asthma, and generally deflects our displeasure at his more egregious behavior with an uncanny degree of adorableness.

dany1Here we have the new girl: Daenerys of the House Quixote, Queen of the Andy, the Deborah, and the First Cat. Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Apartment Sea, Breaker of Shelters, Mother of Hisses. Daenerys Furborn, the Silver Queen. Y’know: Dany. We found her at the Furkids Shelter in April 2015, and we’re all still getting to know each other. She’s imperious and demanding: prone to drive-by snuggles, walking a few feet in front of you only to tump suddenly, and eating anything she can get her cute little paws on. Nicknames of her kittenhood currently include: Stinky Dany, Garbage Cat, and Tiny Doom (of Valyria).

In Memory

kaylee3Kaylee, of the Maneki Neko Smile was a tiny grey lady who was my very particular cat. We rescued her from a PetSmart in October 2007, and lost her to malignant tumors in March 2015. She greeted me every day when I got home from work, usually perched on top of my computer chair so she could climb up to my shoulder and get carried around – a daily recreation of when we found each other, and I pulled her out of that PetSmart cage. She slept on me most nights, Deborah-surfing any time I rolled over, or next to my pillow where her purring lulled me to sleep. She told me when it was time to go to bed, and taught me how to play video games or write around a furry barnacle attached to my chest. She was clever, with foil-proof tactics to make Andy, her Play Monkey, produce the favored red dot. I wouldn’t trade my time with Kaylee for anything, and I’ll never stop missing her.