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Cabinet des Fées

Syfy to “Imagine Greater” Fairy Tales (3/2/2010)


Hacking Mobility: Able-bodied Prescripts of Mobile Games and How Gamers with Disabilities Cope (September 2017)

East Coast Home + Design

A Home Fit for the Dakota, pp. 34-47 (November/December 2017)

An Organic Mix of Luxury and History at the Mill, pp. 26-27 (September/October 2017)

Luxurious Landscapes, p. 88-112 (July 2017)
(Except for “Austin Ganim Landscape Design” and “Hoffman Landscapes”)

Cooking Kitchens, pp. 66-87 (July 2017)

Idyllic Interiors, pp. 34-65 (July 2017)

Amazing Architecture, pp. 17-33 (July 2017)

Living Languages, pp. 70-95 (May/June 2017)

A Life Captured with Timeless Grace, pp. 44-57 (March/April 2017)

Modern Barn Life, pp. 70-79 (March/April 2017)

A Nantucket Paean to Legacy & Eco-Elegance, pp. 82-93 (January/February 2017)

2017 Kitchen and Bath Issue feature, pp. 18-45 (January/February 2017)

The Lighter Side of Architecture, pp. 23-65 (November/December 2016)

Faerie Magazine

Welcome to Bordertown (February 2012)

Front Page Meews

Is Your Cat Stressed? How Cats Calm Themselves (11/13/2017)

Kneading 101: Why Your Cat Kneads (11/7/2017)

Purring Power: Do Cats’ Purrs Have the Ability to Heal? (11/1/2017)

FLUTD Terror and How to Treat It (10/11/2017)

Polydactyl Cats: The Surprising Case of the Extra Toebeans (9/18/2017)

Cats Who Look Like Game of Thrones Characters (8/28/2017)

Everything You Need to Know About Microchipping Your Cat (8/14/2017)

Top Books for People Who Love Cats (8/9/2017)

Catios: Outdoor Hanging for Hip Cats (7/25/2017)

Kitten Livestreams: Get Your Daily Dose of Cute (7/7/2017)

5 Questions to Ask a Shelter When Adopting a Cat (6/14/2017)

4 Inspirational Famous Cats with Disabilities (5/30/2017)

3 Ways to Go Green With Recycled DIY Cat Toys (5/10/2017)

Your Cat’s Litter Box is Hurting the Environment (4/17/2017)

Cat Anxiety: How to Recognize & Treat It (3/27/2017)

We Love Disabled Cats; You Should, Too! (3/15/2017)

Why You Should Brush Your Cat’s Teeth (2/27/2017)

Purr-esidential Cats of the White House (2/20/2017)

Are You Picking Up Your Cat Correctly? (2/1/2017)

Can Cats Catch Colds? (1/26/2017)

So Your Cat Has Worms… (1/3/2017)

How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Warm During the Winter (12/15/2016)

Our Obsession with Cat Pictures Is Nothing New (12/13/2016)

A Pinning Guide to Cat Safe Thanksgiving Centerpieces (11/15/2016)

Cat Can’t Breathe? Feline Asthma: What You Need to Know (11/1/2016)

Why Black Cat Myths Are So Bogus (10/17/2016)

Great Cats of History, Part 2 (9/15/2016)

Great Cats of History, Part 1 (9/7/2016)

Hairballs are the Worst: What are Hairballs and How to Prevent Them (8/17/2016)

Busting 3 Big Myths About Cats (8/8/2016)

Catnip and Your Cats: Everything You Need to Know (7/20/2016)

How to Get Your Cats Party Ready (6/27/2016)

Understanding Cat Body Language: An Introduction (6/21/2016)

The Houses of “Game of Thrones” as Cat Breeds (6/1/2016)

Harness Training: So You Want to Walk Your Cat (5/10/2016)

Outdoor Cats Put the Hurt on Local Wildlife (4/12/2016)

Gulf Coast Design + Decor

Builders of Dreams, Crafters of Tradition, pp. 94-95 (Fall 2017)

A Sophisticated Retreat in Naples, pp. 50-67 (Fall 2017)

A Curve in Time Achieves the Sublime, pp. 32-49 (Fall 2017)

ISA Professional’s Blog (All of which can be found here.)

Perfume Trends 2017: Signature Scent is Part of Your Signature Style (11/10/2017)

Asian Beauty Trends in Skin Care (7/31/2017)

Trendy Hair Accessories for Spring/Summer 2017 (6/20/2017)

Pedicure & Pamper Your Feet (5/11/2017)

Hairstyles Are Ancient History: Hairstyles in Ancient Egypt, Rome, & China (4/26/2017)

Bangs are Back: Get Your Cut on the Double (3/6/2017)

Dying Your Hair: Before and After Care (2/28/2017)

Nail Art Inspiration 2017: Curate Your Claws! (2/27/2017)

Valentine’s Day is for Everyone (2/14/2017)

Hat-Proof Hairstyles: How to Keep Your Head Up this Winter (2/6/2017)

Fashion-Forward China (1/24/2017)

Superheroes Save Us from the World (1/17/2017)

New Year’s Resolutions Get Real (1/13/2017)

Stylish Ways to Wear Winter Scarves (1/9/2017)

New Year Style: Now Be You (1/3/2017)

2016 Holiday Party Style Guide (12/12/2016)

Winter Hair is Coming (11/28/2016)

Our Favorite Fall Eyeshadow Trends (11/15/2016)

Best Fall Lips Colors 2016: Fall into Lush, Colorful Lips (11/2/2016)

Become Your Heroine this Halloween: Crowd-Pleasing Costumes (10/26/2016)

Pro-Tips for the Great Hairstylist Quest (9/6/2016)

Summer Hair Colors (to Dye for) (8/15/2016)

Stone Telling

There is That Line Again: Revealing the Pantoum in Context (Issue 3, Whimsy, March 2011)