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Star Wars! Nothing but Star Wars!

“Gimme those Star Wars… don’t let them end!”

Bill Murray and I may not have much in common, but we’ll always share a croon-worthy desire for more Star Wars.

…oh, that was a bit? Well, there goes THAT fictional friendship.

ANYWAY, I am here with two thumbs and a huge grin to crow about having an ARC of Heir to the Jedi. That’s right, people! I’m getting my Luke on and nobody can stop me! (I’d rather get my Vader on but, you know, Siths will be Siths. And not have any more canon books until Lords of the Sith which, let’s be real, sounds potentially EPICALLY BADASS.)

While I wander off and reconnect with our dubious young Jedi, check out my opinion on the first new-canon installment: the Star Wars Rebels-introducing A New Dawn. You can find a snippet below, and read my full thoughts over on BuzzyMAG.

SW-ANDIf there’s one thing you should know about Star Wars: A New Dawn, it’s this: it’s just like The Clone Wars animated series, but with more booze and brawling.

This novel is a straightforward, quick read and serves well as the first salvo in the oncoming cavalcade of new Star Wars canon. We’re introduced to several key characters from the upcoming Rebels animated series, which I appreciate – I’m definitely going to be watching the show, and getting some more depth out there on the characters before it starts is good form. I also appreciate the diversity the author (or canon designers) are invested in showing: there were many women of multiple species in positions of import, including a human female POC acting Captain at the helm of a Star Destroyer. She even comes out relatively well in the end – for an Imperial, anyway.

(If you think it’s a spoiler that the Empire does well enough for itself in this novel, have you even seen Star Wars? Come on, now.)

Click to keep reading the review at BuzzyMAG…

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