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Tiger Jack: Beast of the Galaxy

As you all know, we are on the Internet and that means I’m contractually obligated to show you all pictures of my cats. That is what is about to happen here, but I guarantee you it’s worth your while. Wanna know why? Because one of my cats – Tiger Jack! the Explorer – is actually a Beast of Some Renown from a certain Galaxy Far, Far Away.

I’m sure you’d like proof.

Doubting bastards.

Boba Fett met the most vicious quarry that he'd ever hunted.

As you can see here, Boba Fett was unfortunately contracted to bring in the Beast, and is pictured here just before he narrowly dodged losing a hand. His blaster definitely met the Gullet of the Great Beyond, for the Beast’s appetite for ordnance is legendary. Seriously. He’ll eat anything.

Boba Fett’s no fool, though, and certainly not willing to let a contract go just because the target proved a bit ornery.

Seeing that the beast was too hard to take alone, Fett called for help.

Though he would never admit it — and thanked his Mandalorian armor for so neatly hiding his oh, fu–! face — Boba Fett felt fear in his heart of hearts when the Beast showed not a flicker of hesitation at being faced with two bad-ass bounty hunters. No, indeed, the Beast laughed at them with unblinking feline eyes, settling back on his haunches as if to take in dinner and a show. Boba Fett had the grim feeling he knew exactly who was the show. And dinner.

Discretion being the better part of a contract, Boba Fett wasted no time in eliminating the only eye witness to his failure. The Beast had to be appeased, after all. He left an anonymous tip for the local legion that a troublesome Beast lurked in the quadrant, then hauled ass in Slave I in search of an alibi.

Reputations must be kept intact.

Even the Emperor's finest stood no chance against the beast.

Unfortunately, the legion stood no chance and were forever-after known as the What Were They Thinking? No Really Legion. Widows wept, children cried, and the Beast delicately licked a paw before settling in for a well-deserved nap.

But all naps must come to an end, and all Beasts are ever hungry…

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  • Carolyn Colburn January 23, 2013, 10:32 PM

    Absolutely LOVE me some TIGER JACK! He sure showed Boba Fett his cattitude;-)

    • Deborah February 2, 2013, 8:37 AM

      He did, at that!

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