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Tiger Jack, RPGCat

Being a family of gamers who recently relocated, one of our priorities was in setting up a Game Room in our new space. Luckily, we were able to do just that – a disused dining room makes the perfect venue. Large table? CHECK. Space for at least 6 people around it? CHECK. Shelves to display minis and action figures; bookcases for RPG manuals? DOUBLE CHECK.

So now we have the dedicated space for weekly Dune and Star Wars roleplaying games.

Guess what our giant orange mackerel tabby Tiger Jack thinks of all this?


He thinks it’s ALL FOR HIM. “What?” He seems to say. “I’m a gamer. I play games.”


Tiger Jack is a cat who particularly enjoys attention. Why else would all these people, who clearly want to pet him, be gathered in one place? And why would they be throwing little balls, if not for him to bat at?

Above, he conspires with another player. Below, he is become Tiger Jackhulud, great Sandcat of Dune:


And so now? Now, we have #RPGCat:


The party’s doomed.

(You can see more of #RPGCat over on my Instagram feed; I tend to post there first.)

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