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Weekly Round-Up

This week, I made things and wrote things! The things I made are available now, but most of the writing will have to wait. Publication schedules are tricksy things!

Things that I wrote:

Make America Groovy Again – Vote Ash Williams for President, over at Nerdspan.
10 of My Favorite Fictional Dogs for National Dog Day, over on Twitter.

Things that I read:

So, You Must Talk to the Woman Who is Wearing Headphones,” being The Washington Post‘s hilarious response to a terrible article.
Gene Wilder Dead: ‘Young Frankenstein’ Star Was 83,” being Variety‘s obituary for Gene Wilder.
Ursula Nordstrom and the Queer History of the Children’s Book,” over at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Things that I made: 


It was my mom’s birthday this week, as you can see – so I did this chibi dragon referenced from iiAsianPikachu’s DeviantArt.


I released a whole line of products featuring my Geek Dame’s Alchemical Delights logo this week! My logo was designed by the excellent Lorraine Schleter, and you can find it adorning spiral notebooks, stickers, travel mugs, refrigerator magnets, and more! Just check out my Zazzle shop and my RedBubble shop.

Things that I’m excited about:








Click the pics if you fancy purchasing any of the above! I get a modest kickback from Amazon if you do.

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