Best girl trip destinations for a weekend getaway

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Best girl trip destinations

Hanging out with your friends is one of the most relaxing things a person can do. Especially when you are a group girls, things get extra special and interesting. You get to explore things with a lot of depth and we girls have quite a transparent way of analyzing things to their full potential. Time to time we girls need our personal space and time to just get loose and relax a bit. Woman power all the way! Now this relaxation can be done in the form of weekend trips, be it in Texas or the whole USA (United States of America). So what are best girl trip destinations?

best girl trip destinations

These destinations can range from a whole variety of places to specific stores or museums. Now in what form should the girls plan this all? The most preferred way is to plan a best girl weekend getaway. Take two days off and just enjoy them with the girls. The best girl weekend trips will be mentioned below. Now if you have the flexibility of going on a long vacation than would be the best girl trip destination? Let’s find out.

Best girl trip locations

Now the best girl getaway weekend should include something exciting and everlasting, so we have compiled the following places that would be best for an all-girl party. Following are the best girl trips in USA,

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana

There is continually something fun going on in the amazing city of New Orleans, making it the best getaway for an all-girls party. Does your girl group love to enjoy tasty and extravagant cooking? Then French Quarter will be the best option for you, where you’ll stroll through a neighborhood full of diners. It is also famous for being the City of the Dead, It has a huge variety of haunted houses which are centuries old and all of them have their own unique history. No trip is complete without a little adventure.

  1. Oklahoma City

Spend your best girl trip touring the exceptional craftsmanship scene, popular eateries, and the amusement of Oklahoma City. The Paseo Arts District is a prime area for easygoing fun, where you can walk around to more than twenty exhibitions and choose among nine eateries. The Plaza District is an extraordinary decision for wandering through cute shops, eating, drinking, and making up for lost time. In case you’re looking for instant adrenaline, the intelligent enchantment show at Max’s Magic Theater will blow your mind away.

  1. Asheville, North Carolina

This place is the golden spot for scenery lovers. Asheville is home to some of the great and most beautiful mountain landscapes. All with their own historic background and artistic scenery. If you are a group of girl who just want to hang out and explore nature’s beauty and what it has to offer, than Ashville is the perfect getaway for you. Even more best girl trip destinations

  1. Laguna Beach, California

This is a fact that an all-girls group trip isn’t complete without a proper beach in it. Laguna Beach is the best girl trip destination. The best one is the Crescent Bay Point Park which is just mesmerizing. It has the right sand, the right sun light and the right water. It’s like it was custom built only for an all-girl group hanging out and just enjoying their time.

  1. Hot Springs, Arkansas

If you ladies are working day in and day out than this destination is what you have been looking for. Arkansas is also known as the city of Hot Springs. It has a variety of natural springs and there also spas here where you can get a massage, a spa bath and just relax in the steam to lay off all that stress out.

  1. Sedona Arizona

Home to the Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona is one of the best girl weekend getaways of all time. This is for that special group of ladies who are going on vacation for just peace and peace. Sometimes a vacation is an escape from the real world, into a world where you can be alone with your thoughts. Arizona is such a place where you can be alone with your inner self, explore the canyons, sit beside them and just ponder into your thoughts. For the group of girls looking for a special place to be with themselves freely, this destination was made just for you.

  1. Chicago, Illinois

Home to one of the most diverse cultures, Chicago is the best all-girl getaway point. The city of Chicago has tons of Bazaars ranging in categories from Asian, to Russian, to French, you name it. If you want to visit the world and at the same time you don’t want to leave the United States of America, than Chicago is the place to go. The main attraction of this amazing city is the Millennium Park where you can enjoy outdoor music and much more.

Now we all know that Texas is the most loved city of all and no trip is complete without visiting Texas. So where to visit in Texas?

Best girl trips in Texas

  1. Austin, Texas

best girl trip destinations
best girl trip destinations

If your group of girls want a festival inspired vacation that Austin is the perfect getaway. You have to visit 6th street where there is music on the streets, bars right next to it with multi-cultural hotels and much more. Austin is home to some canyons as well and you can have a look at them too to just sort the mind out and have a little peace within yourself.

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Best girl trip destinations for a weekend getaway

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